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My handmade hat, an offbrand bag, taobao shirt and my Juliet Et Justine Skirt, AatP Purple Vampire Rose OTKs and Soff Black velvet shoes. The hat really gave a big halo effect and I love it. The whole outfit made me feel really nice.

Putumayo's Eglise OP in Black and Red, An*tai*na Black platform shoes.
While the wig wasn't very good I liked the way the tinge to the grey looked against the collar. The ribbon and the stockings could have matched better, but I only had so many red things at the time. The winter garden light show was lovely.

2012 Monochrome Sleeping Garden Shirring OP, FanPlusFriend black bustle skirt, offbrand socks, bolero and canotier.

I ended up staying home in this, feeling comfy and content. As a cozy day, I went without a wig.

Innocent World Rose Cathedral, AatP tights, Sofft soes, MmM Choker and F+F hat
Made it to the pancake place on time get in, after failing to get in once before. I forgot how warm these tights were. They kept my legs nice and toasty on the walk in. I don't really own too many gold accessories, so the brass rings and metal on the purse had to be good enough. The warm brown of the sheepskin coat looks good and adds a lot, I think.

I managed not to spill any of my salmon avacado toast or my strawberry and creme souffle pancakes on anything.

Worn to a concert! The bloomers added a very needed amount of poof. It was honestly a fun time and the cotton AP shirt felt good in the heat of so many bodies. If I wore it again, I'd add more butterfly accessories or switch the wig for a shorter one to show off the earrings.

Blue Miss Point skirt, Offbrand shirt, socks, shoes. Honestly most of this outfit is nothing special. It's a good casual look for a stroll. It's more classic than I usually go, but it felt nice. I might try doing more of navy and white.

Annas Secret Hunting and Feasting shirt. BPN cross embroidery skirt, Swimmer Horror Bat Bag in ivory.
I very rarely wear this shirt, so I was happy to break it out again. I went to a pancake place and they were already sold out. The crepe place was open,though.

IstaMori's Nameless Poem OP with a dreamholic wig and my handmade headdress and coffin purse.
I affectionally referred to this as the Funeral coordinate. As many crosses as I had at the time. It was my first time wearing Lolita in a space where other lolitas were likely to be and judge me with their eyes. If I wore it again, I'd try to get some coffin tights and shoe clips. Less crosses, more coffins, and maybe add bones.

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